A DIY Story

Should I have this many screws left over?

One recent rainy Sunday I was installing a TV on our wall using a TV bracket. They give you a myriad of screws to suit the myriad of set ups to make the adhesion successful so I made the joke to my wife saying the heading for this blog, which then triggered a conversation about DIY projects and DIY frustrations.

We have purchased things from Ikea for example over the years and my wife has particularly voiced her frustration here that she can never follow the instructions correctly, try as she might, and always has at least one screw left over.

She said (in more colourful words) the enthusiasm you can feel from starting a DIY project can quickly fade once you realise the complexity and difficulty of said project and it can be easy to become overwhelmed.

There are many different cheaper options for kitchens these days and the ever popular theory “save money by installing it yourself” where the kitchen comes in as many pieces as possible. This can certainly be a little cheaper, (usually cheaper quality materials are used to keep the cost down as well) but you do have the opportunity to be a DIY Master.

At EziWay Kitchens we wanted to offer a DIY option, without the frustrations and still having people maintain their DIY Master status. So our kitchens are a bit different. While you can keep your cost down this way also, you will receive the same sturdy quality materials we use in all kitchens and the tricky parts are already assembled for you making your installation EZI-er.

Buying an EziWay kitchen will reduce the risk of your cupboard doors being flung across your backyard in frustration and if you do need some assistance (whether it’s our kitchen or not) we are only a phone call away – you won’t have to press 1 to speak to tech support and your call is so important to us that we won’t say that -we’ll just answer!